About us

The store chain BBB and BBB distribution and logistics are Bulgarian family companies. We started our operations in 1993, with opening the first supermarket. Through the years we managed to grow and develop, so that we can be more competitive in delivering quality goods and service on good price. Today the number of supermarkets is 5. They are located in Asenovgrad, Plovdiv and Krumovo. The company owes its success to the loyalty and hard work of its employees and to the satisfied clients. The number of employees is more than 250, including the supermarkets and the distribution.

In March 2022 BBB Distribution and Logistics moved to its new own warehouse, which has 7000 m2 of logistics, storage, and administrative space. We have developed extremely effective distribution channel and distribution strategies. Thanks to the fact that the firm has its own supermarkets and a warehouse, it can be said, that the company has a direct and indirect channel of distribution. In this way our managers can be closer to the end customer and to satisfy their needs. BBB Distribution and Logistics is one of the leaders in Bulgarian market for distribution of diary and meat products. We have a high-performing team of sales representative and managers, who are operating in different regions in the country. There are three channels for distribution:

  • Directly to stores – South Central Bulgaria is covered by 21

PS Representatives divided in two teams

  • National coverage – we are covering all Bulgarian territories

through our distribution partners. We have deliveries at least once per

week to every big city in Bulgaria.

  • Working directly with key account clients in different territories


In the course of time, we managed to develop and our own brands for meat and dairy products- ‘CHAYA’ and ‘Delicious from the Rodophi Mountain’ and others. In 2018 we launched direct imports of products such as olives, olive oil, antipasti, bakery products and confectionary by well-known, established producers from Turkey and EU.


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